Red Giant Trapcode Shine 2.0.4 (macOS)

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Red Giant Trapcode Shine 2.0.2
Red Giant Trapcode Shine 2.0.4 (macOS) | 617 MB


Sunshine through clouds, headlights in fog, or light rays sweeping a logo: Trapcode Shine does it all. Create 3D volumetric light effects without leaving your 2D editing timeline, and without the tedious render times of specialized 3D applications. Choose from 22 compelling Shine presets, or make your own light rays from scratch. Support for 16- and 32-bit guarantees high-quality effects for every project.

Features:Fast Rendering
Renders light rays quickly at 5-10 frames per second High-resolution imagery
Delivers highest-quality images with 32-bit support (After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion) and 16-bit support (Premiere Pro) Customizable Color
Numerous coloring options include 3- and 5-color gradients with tweakable coloring presets Shimmer Effects
Unique controls create shimmering lights that animate efficiently Compatibility
Works on any layer as a part of more complex animation effects Transfer Modes
Built-in transfer modes support makes it easy to create complex light effects Mask Controls
Threshold and circular mask controls make it easy to get the effect you want

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