CM - Boxaroo: Advanced Animated Lightbox 2355296

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CM - Boxaroo: Advanced Animated Lightbox 2355296
Boxaroo: Advanced Animated Lightbox
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Boxaroo - Advanced Animated Lightbox.
Boxaroo is designed for all experience levels - requiring only 1 setting. After choosing a skin, you can customize your lightbox environments using over 170 powerful settings.
Components - A building block approach.
Preloaders Configure multiple colors and timing options for any included CSS3 preloader. Each lightbox can have a unique preloader.
Captions Support for independent control of caption styling, animation, visibility, scaling, position, scaling ranges, gallery naming, and more.
Counters The counter records progression through galleries. You can swap positions, control language / scaling options and more.
Navigation Buttons You can change the Close, Previous or Next Buttons independently for every Lightbox - Boxaroo handles everything seamlessly.
HTML Elements Each lightbox has 3 optional HTML components for loading custom HTML and javascript functionality into your environments.
Background Overlays An animated color layer loops unlimited colors. Load patterns or images from the assets library for the tile or background layers.
Integrated Assets Library - An unsurpassed value
The included assets library is a massive, growing collection of graphics designed specifically for Boxaroo. Over 70 GraphicRiver items have been carefully prepared, selected and optimized for use with ligthbox design. All assets are organized to allow for incredibly fast customization by number.
Special Effects - The awesome stuff!
Boxaroo includes a stunning variety of hardware-accelerated CSS3 animations designed to work together seamlessly. Quickly create complicated environments and let Boxaroo automatically transition them.
Fibonacci Spirals Add organic Spiral Animations during Open, Close, and/or Navigation. Set the animation axis, direction, radius, number of cycles, speed and more.
Shadows For realistic lighting effects, Boxaroo provides shadow animation controls. Animate the Shadow Color, Blur Radius, Spread, X Distance, Y Distance and Opacity.
Highlights Customize the Highlight Type (shape), position, speed, gradient stops, size and more. You can even pass in arrays of opacities and colors for looping.
Custom Matting Animate Matte widths (per side) and create color animation loops with an unlimited number of colors. You can apply a texture from the assets library.
Borders Animate the Border Width, Color, or Radius (per corner). Like many settings, Border settings resemble CSS - to make things as comfortable as possible.
2D/3D Transforms Set the degree or amount and Boxaroo will handle all the ballistics. Adjust the perspective and combine and chain multiple transformations.
Frame Animations - Looped animation tricks
Frame Animations are optional loops that occur when a lightbox is typically not moving. They can add an incredible level of depth, realism and organic movement to any scenerio as well as extend opening and closing animations into more complex chained transitions.
Frame Animations Some settings have "frame animation" settings. These act as secondary/goto animation points. When enabled, Boxaroo animates the entrance as usual, then seamlessly carries out any Frame Animations. This allows for fluid extensions of the entrance and exit animations as well as looped animations while viewing content.
Advanced Controls Once the lightbox has animated open, the Frame Animation will execute a set number of times. You can control the iterations of the Frame Animation loop, or set it to infinity. You can also control the direction (Normal, Reverse, Alternate and Alternate-Reverse) yielding creative animations. Speed and Easing controls are also available.
Navigation Override The navigation override gives you powerful control over when Frame Animations are applied. Typically, Frame Animations start after the entrance animation is complete. This allows you to tell Boxaroo you want the Frame Animation to occur only during Navigation, rather than when it has finished animating into view.
Lightbox Movement Define where lightboxes enter and exit - for cool effects and creating the appearance that your gallery is on an axis.
Lightbox Effects Working alongside the movement setting, you can also control the size of a lightbox during entrance and exit animations.
Speed and Easing With so many animations occurring at once, Boxaroo cuts out the risk of timing issues by eliminating independent times.
Events - And other goodies
Gallery Navigation Control interaction using 6 navigation events: Navigation Buttons, Keyboard, Mouse Swiping, Gradient Overlays, Touch & Swipe and Mousewheel.
Custom Navigation Control unique aspects of navigation like Required Swiping Distance, Gesture Tolerance, Reverse Navigation Direction and Navigation Axis Selection.
Stacking Order All components are layered in a logical order, but in case you decide to include custom functionality, you can change the stacking order using a single setting.
Device Specific Based on the type of device the user is on (smartphone, tablet or desktop/laptop), Boxaroo can deliver device-specific content for creative or performance purposes.
Class Assignment Each component can have a custom class assigned dynamically. Any CSS3 animations that aren't controlled by Boxaroo will be applied and animated.
Presentation Controls Set the distance between the edge of the browser and the lightbox. Boxaroo automatically calculates everything for you - allowing for fluid, real-time scaling.
Flexibility - Slideshows, hooks and more
Slideshows Slideshows retain all lightbox settings and are displayed for unique durations - optionally closing on completion.
Counter Customization Countdown progress bars are optional and can be set up with looped color animations to match your lightbox.
Independent Slideshows are independent and can be a one or several lightboxes within a gallery - or even the entire gallery.
Full Size Mode Full size mode uses your content in the image overlay. Use any of the 3 HTML elements to import your own code within a lightbox environment for presentations.
Addons and Skins Boxaroo is fast, modular and provides excellent support for legacy and modern browsers. Modify any of the included CSS/JSON files and sell your own boxaroo skins.
javascript Hooks Built in and ready to extend Boxaroo's functionality, you can feel confident when calling your custom functions using any of the 12 integrated javascript Hooks.

Topaz Impression 2.0.3 (x64) DC for Adobe Photoshop

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Topaz Impression 2.0.2 for Adobe Photoshop (Mac OS X)
Topaz Impression 2.0.3 (x64) DC  for Adobe Photoshop | 179 MB
Topaz Impression helps make your photos more expressive by authentically turning them into art, the way a real painter would. Rigidly realistic photos sometimes leave less room for emotion, personal feeling, and story. Instead of just showing reality, take your viewers on a story by using Impression to capture emotion and feeling rather than details. This can make your work both more powerful and more personal.

RA Beauty Retouch Panel 3.1 with Pixel Juggler for Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.1.2 (Win/macOS)

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编号: 158137
RA Beauty Retouch Panel 3.1 with Pixel Juggler for Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.1.2 (Win/macOS)
RA Beauty Retouch Panel 3.1 with Pixel Juggler for Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.1.2 (Win/macOS) | 4 MB
Beauty Retouch panel combines basic Beauty retouching scripts, tool and adjustment layer shortcuts, which will add simplicity to and speed up your workflow by performing the tedious and repetitive parts of your routine. Utilizing a few advanced and extremely helpful scripts, as well as the ability to add custom User Actions, this extension panel will also save you hours of work in the short and long term as well as help you achieve accurate, repeatable top-quality results, and impress your clients!

CM - Shell - ASCII Box Drawing Framework 2355497

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CM - Shell - ASCII Box Drawing Framework 2355497
Shell - ASCII Box Drawing Framework
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Shell - ASCII / MS-DOS Box Drawing Framework.
The most complete framework for recreating terminal and MS-DOS Code Page 437 environments in the browser.
Images Shell allows you to convert any image (in any format) into works of ASCII art. Just add a a simple class: ascii-image to any image and let Shell handle the rest.
Real-Time Video Shell converts video playback into ASCII by harnessing the power of HTML5 and javascript. Shell provides options for controlling the FPS, letter inversion and even custom character selection.
ASCII Boxes Carefully modeled after classically-programmed interfaces, ASCII boxes are built using pure CSS - no images. Shell puts the old-school Code Page 437 back in your hands.
Collapsible ASCII Boxes.
Shell can be used to develop complete interfaces or to add a little retro flare. Shell automatically warps your DIV decades back in time - without relying on any images - by adding a simple class.
ASCII Boxes are optionally draggable, with custom handles and automatic layering.
Geek out and optionally use actual Code Page 437 codes to customize ASCII Box Scrollbars, Shadows and Buttons.
Customizable Real-time Video Player.
Video Controls Customize the color, font and FPS for ASCII Video - as well as what characters Shell should use during playback. Any element can quickly be assigned as Video Controls.
Cursors:| Shell includes additional cursor options, such as animated blinking cursors that can be placed anywhere on your page and are perfect for mock prompts.
Animated Typing Shell creates a Animated Typing elements with simple classes. You can customize as many strings to be typed and control animation speeds, cursor visbility and more.

CM - Showcase: Hotspot and Bullet Mapping 2355552

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编号: 158113
CM - Showcase: Hotspot and Bullet Mapping 2355552
Showcase: Hotspot and Bullet Mapping
Live Preview
Showcase - Hotspot and Bullet Animations.
Using 3 simple elements, Showcase is able to meet the demands of many complex scenarios. Create sophisticated Hotspots, mimic game character movements and speeding racecars, create walkthroughs and floorplan tours, illustrate sports team plays, design realistic bokeh animations and much more. Version 2.2 is a completely re-written free upgrade - simplified for faster production and extended with tons of new features.
CSS3 Bokeh Animations.
Animations can be applied to any element or the entire page. Create countless hardware-accelerated Bokeh Circles. Advanced Path Movement can be setup by supplying an infinite number of Coordinates - each point on the path with its own unique speed and delay. Customize Opacity Animations, Gradients and Stops, Border Size, Color and more.
Bullets and Tooltips.
Bullets are fully responsive and can be placed on any HTML Element, including Flash. Bullets can be styled and animated however you like - even to look like Bokeh Animations in the above example. All Bullets can optionally be icons. After a Hotspot has been setup, you can convert it into a Tooltip by simply adding content directly after the Bullet. Tooltips can contain any type of HTML. Showcase automatically detects what Bullets have Tooltips. Tooltips can also have simple or complex path movements as well as custom flicker animations.
Each Tooltip can be extended into a Popup for more information by adding a container with your Popup Content after the Tooltip. Showcase tracks everything down for you, optionally building navigation between your Hotspots for a more fluid experience.
Popups support all content types and are fully customizable. Built-in Hooks are available to extend functionality when Tooltips and Panels Open, Close or Navigate. Each Panel and Tooltip can have unique animations, positions, delays, easing effects and more.
Flexible Bullets.
Showcase delivers powerful styling control for Bullets - individually. Every Bullet is unique and tons of options are available including Flickering and Organic Path Movement.
Complex path animations are simple. Path Bullet Points can have unique Speeds and Delays for interesting movements. You can also loop Path Movements.
Bullets support animated CSS3 Gradients. Supply Gradient Stops as well as Gradient Positions and Showcase will generate a CSS3 Keyframe Animation.
Bullets can contain any type of HTML, but Showcase includes a shortcut setting for adding images into your Bullets. Above, the Map Pins are animated on load.

Topaz ReMask 5.0.0 for Adobe Photoshop

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编号: 154583
Topaz ReMask 5.0.0 for Adobe Photoshop | 46 MB
Anyone editing photos must be able to select the exact objects or sections, which is essential to improving your photos. This ability to select objects and cutout backgrounds provides greater flexibility to your post processing workflow - making essential editing tasks like background replacement, selective adjustments, repositioning and multi-layer compositions effortless.