Pixel Film Studios - Auto-Tracker for Final Cut Pro X macOS

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Pixel Film Studios - Auto-Tracker for Final Cut Pro X macOS
Pixel Film Studios - Auto-Tracker for Final Cut Pro X macOS | 11 MB
The FCPX Auto-Tracker is a motion tracking tool created exclusively for Final Cut Pro X.  Easily track text, pictures, logos, videos, and animations to subjects in footage with a single click.  The Auto-Tracker’s technology gives users the ability to achieve fast and accurate tracks without having to set a single keyframe.  Track forward, track backwards, and track multiple objects in a single scene.  FCPX Auto-Tracker is a Final Cut Pro X exclusive plugin. 

Sublime Text 3.0 Build 3163 macOS

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Sublime Text 3.0 Build 3144 (Mac OS X)

Sublime Text 3.0 Build 3163 macOS | 11 MB

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup, and prose. You'll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features, and amazing performance.

WebSnapperPro 2.0.9 macOS

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WebSnapperPro 1.2.7 (macOS)
WebSnapperPro 2.0.9 macOS | 9 MB
  WebSnapperPro lets you capture web pages - exactly as they appear in your browser. The complete page, not just a visible "screenshot" capture - eliminating the need for cutting, pasting, and cropping multiple sceenshots. Captures can be saved in multiple formats, including PDF, and multiple webpages can be assembled in a multi-page PDF - one webpage per page.

Alien Skin Exposure X3 Bundle

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Alien Skin Exposure X3 Bundle
Alien Skin Exposure X3 Bundle | macOS | 250 mb
The Exposure X Bundle is a photo editor and organizer that integrates all of Alien Skin’s award-winning photo editing apps into a single product.. The centerpiece of the bundle is Exposure X, the editing app that streamlines your workflow and provides a rich set of creative tools.   Homepage: https://www.alienskin.com/

Alien Skin Plug-ins Bundle 2018 (update 17.04)

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Alien Skin Plug-ins Bundle 2018 (update 04.03)
  Alien Skin Plug-ins Bundle 2018 (update 17.04) | macOS | 26 / 199 / 31 / 35 / 250  mb
The products in the Photo Bundle enhance a professional workflow by saving time, improving image quality, and providing creative freedom. In combination, these products are even more effective. For instance, Bokeh’s lens simulation and Exposure’s film simulation provide traditional photographic tools to make digital photos look more natural and less digital. Blow Up and Snap Art together can turn a photograph into a realistic oil painting that is suitable for printing on a large canvas   Homepage: https://www.alienskin.com/

WatchMe 2.0.9

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WatchMe 2.0.8
WatchMe 2.0.9 | macOS | 38 mb   From the developers of Videobox, WatchMe is a small, handy app that allows you to quickly locate and download episodes from the most popular TV series. Just input a series name, select a season, and then get your episode, in your desired format, with just a few clicks!   Homepage: https://www.tastyapps.com

VideoboxPro 1.4.4

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VideoboxPro 1.3.0
  VideoboxPro 1.4.4 | macOS | 46 mb Experience the next evolution of Videobox with 4k video capability and h265 support. VideoboxPro comes with a full Password Manager for protected sites. VideoboxPro can capture just the audio from videos and save it in popular audio file formats - mp3, m4a, wav, or ogg and you can choose to automatically import your downloaded video and audio files to iTunes    Homepage: https://www.tastyapps.com

Alien Skin Exposure X3

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编号: 164675
Alien Skin Exposure X3
  Alien Skin Exposure X3 | macOS | 199 mb
The legendary effects plug-in is now an award-winning photo editor and organizer. Introducing Exposure X3, the advanced non-destructive RAW editor that enables you to easily create beautiful images and master your entire workflow. Fast performance, powerful organizing tools, and unmatched creative editing make Exposure the only app you need to quickly transform your photos into works of art.    Homepage: https://www.alienskin.com/

Typinator 7.5 Multilingual macOS

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Typinator 7.1 Multilingual (Mac OS X)
Typinator 7.5 Multilingual macOS | 8 MB
Speedy and reliable text expansion solution

We've all faced projects that require repetitive typing tasks. With Typinator, you can store commonly used text and images in quick keywords and abbreviations. From email templates to code snippets to website URLs, there's no easier way to recreate repetitive text at a moment's notice.

Calendar 366 II 2.2.1

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Calendar 366 II 2.1.1
Calendar 366 II 2.2.1 | macOS | 14 mb The most complete menu bar calendar for events & reminders! Appointments and ToDo's, meetings and deadlines, birthdays and dates - make the most of your time with Calendar 366 II! Anything a calendar can do, Calendar 366 II can do better - and all functions can be adjusted easily and intuitively.   Mac App Store: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/app/id1265895169